How to Dress Like a Fashionista

How to Dress Like a Fashionista

The click of my Louboutins against the New York City pavement is lost on the ears of passersby as the horn of the taxi I’m about to hail is slammed by the driver.

I share a secret smile with myself and raise my hand to call him over, letting my Tory Burch bangles fall toward my elbow and my oversized Juicy ring glint in the dirty sunlight of the city. The cab pulls over and I step precariously over a puddle before smoothing my Michael Kors camel skirt and sliding onto the seat.

“Where to?” he asks me in a gruff accented voice.

I nonchalantly mumble the address while clicking open my email on my phone. My editor has updated my deadline and I’m late. Ahhh, the life of a writer in New York City…

Wait! A writer in New York City? Okay, sorry Sarah Jessica Parker (AKA Carrie Bradshaw), but there’s no way a writer (especially a young one) can afford to look like she just stepped off the runway. UNLESS there’s some secret fabulous-but-budget-friendly trick no one is telling us about.

Actually, there is!

We’ve taken some time figuring out ways to look like you have a lot of cash to throw down for your clothes (even when you’re really on that instant ramen diet).

Here’s how to dress like a fashionista on a recent graduate budget.

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